Patient Testimonials

Testimonials by patients of Centrum Dental Centre, in Kanata. We are your dentists in Kanata and we look forward to always surpassing your expectations. Thank you for your confidence in us!

I enjoy and respect the people that work at Centrum Dental, everyone is friendly, helpful and informative.

Mary J., Ottawa

"I recently saw Suzie for my hygienist appointment, who I have been going to for about 10 years. She explains everything as she goes along and she is personable and friendly every time. The girls at the front desk are similarly pleasant and helpful. Dr. Khoury and his assistants have been great too, always fitting us in for any emergency or appointment change. The new office is bright and beautiful."

Vic H, Sttitsville

"All parties concerned are most professional and cordial. The dental craft and hygiene are super excellent in every way. The place is clean and inviting one is not afraid that they will shortcut anything to jeopardize the person's health. Bravo to you all and thank you for the good services rendered."


Helene A, Kanata

"As usual, the staff is very welcoming as soon as you open the door. Suzie is a great hygienist."

Serge D, Ottawa

As always, it was a positive experience. Having done more of the suggestions I was given from the last cleaning, my gums were better. Just goes to show that one must do what one is advised to do by the professionals, and they are just that at the Centrum Dental Centre. Its always a pleasure dealing with them, and I always come away smiling, which is a good thing coming from the dentist! Keep up the good work!

Maureen O. , Kanata

"I highly recommend the Centrum Dental centre. For such a skittish patient they always take such good, good care of me. Dr Ghamian is incredible and has always been kind and patient. Perhaps that is why I have referred many of my clients to them year after year."

Christine H., Kanata

"I almost fell asleep while getting my root canal! The pain was gone in less than a day... and I was able to eat on that side in 2 days! Thank you Dr. Khoury! You're a magician :) Very pleasant staff and experience!"

Ahmed E., -

"Kim V. was thorough and always helpful in her suggestions/tips. Her highly personable style makes the visit that much more enjoyable. Dr. Ghamien tends to make each patient feel welcome and "not just another appt" regardless of nature or length of visit."

Dale M., Kanata

“I highly recommend Centrum Dental. The staff is consistently polite, friendly, professional and available. I have had several procedures done, from fillings to root canals and extractions, and the work is always to my satisfaction. Dr. Khoury is punctual, painless, and always explains procedures. I am entirely satisfied with my experience at Centrum Dental.”

Marc A., -

"Very good experience. This was Cade's first filling without any gas and he did great. Dr. K was so good with him"

Cade B., Kanata

"I have had everything from extractions to root canal to 3 implants. I can honestly say that I did not need to use any of the pain prescriptions that were supplied. I believe that this is due to the excellent work by Dr. Ghamian. Several members of my family are patients of Dr. Ghamian and they are all of the same opinion."

Yvonne T., Kanata

"Suzie and Kim are outstanding hygienists. I really appreciate their expertise, but also their interpersonal connections, both with me and with my young children. I have been coming to Centrum for 10 years now, and they are the main reason. Drs Khouri and Gamien are very professional, and I feel like I am in excellent hands. The office staff are unfailingly pleasant and helpful. I drive from Riverside Park to get to Centrum, and it is worth the drive."

Anne Marie D., Riverside Park

"I have seen a lot of dentists over the years. Dr. Ghamian and his staff are the best I have ever had. They take the time to explain what they're doing and why. They explain the tools, how they work, what they do and if anything might cause discomfort (either during or after the procedure). The few times I've been there the staff has been courteous and the appointment has been close to on time (within 5-10 minutes each time).

I have since referred my wife and kids to see Dr. Ghamian and will certainly recommend this clinic to other friends. Overall I am very satisfied with the treatment and service from Centrun Dental Centre."

Richard A., Kanata

"It was great. The appointment was right on time, no delays. The employees are very friendly.Doctor Habib is amazing at what he does. Very patient and professional.

God bless , thank you for your great service."

Charles G., -

"Visiting the dentist can often be stressful, but not at Centrum Dental. The staff are cheerful and hospitable, putting you at ease from the time you enter until after the drill has been silenced. The dentists are confident and competent professionals who get to the root of the problem and restore you to normal in short order.

In more ways that one, visiting my dental health professionals at Centrum Dental brings a smile to my face!"

Donna B., -

Had 2 fillings replaced. No pain,all gain!!!!! I believe that this comment says it all.

Martin S., Ottawa, ON

"I was surprised to see Centrum Dental put in a new system this year and request feedback on our appointments. I was a bit surprised to see them request feedback because I figured who could ever provide feedback but the best cause they are the best. I've been with Centrum Dental since they opened and even prior and now my family is with them. We all look forwards to our next appointments as we know it's helping us to keep a great smile for a long time and the staff at Centrum all take care of us so well. Thanks so much for looking after us! You are a big part of our family!"-

Don S., -

"I recently had to have some old fillings replaced, so I was dreading getting the needle to freeze the area. Dr. Ghamian appeared to be looking around the area where the work was to be done, then said that the worse part was over. I said, no the needle is the worse part. He laughed and said I already did the needle. I was amazed that I didn't even feel it. I was also pleased that the work was done properly, and the numbness had worn off within a couple of hours. I felt back to normal and had no problem eating later that day. Great work!"

Randy C., -

"We came to Dr. Ghamian’s office sceptical of dentists after years of poor quality service under the care of other dental health care professionals in the NCR. With much demonstrated determination to prove himself as a well-qualified dentist, Dr. Ghamian patiently worked with us to gain our trust. After only a few visits, we were convinced that we had finally found a very well-qualified and high calibre dentist. We’ve now moved away from the Kanata area, out in the country east of the city of Ottawa, and with our demanding work hours we have been forced to find a dental health care provider closer to home. Should Dr. Ghamian open a second practise and in the east end of the city, we would return under his care without hesitation.

M&C, -

“I have been very fortunate to be a patient at Centrum Dental Centre for the past seven years. The entire staff is a great team of enthusiastic and efficient people. Dr. Ghamian is a gifted and comforting professional, meticulous and efficient in his dentistry skills, and willing to go the extra mile for his patients to provide outstanding service. He really listens to patients, only recommends what is really needed and his work is the best. I am very happy to recommend Centrum Dental Centre.”

Dugald M., -

“I have had dental care for approximately three years from Dr. Ghamian, and may I say his care of my teeth has been great for me, as this is the first dentist I have had in all my years that I am relaxed completely during treatment. His professional care and his personality go hand in hand. His office staff and hygienists complete the professionalism of his office.”

Audrey B., -

“I knew I was in good hands the moment I walked into the office. Judy(office manager) and Karen (administrative assistant)'s inviting, caring smile made me feel at ease. Anxiety is a huge component with me. Dr. Ghamian's compassionate, empathetic understanding makes my visits more comfortable. Thanks to his work, I am now the proud owner of an awesome bridge. I love it. Thank you for your professional, exceptional dental care......Susy( registered dental hygienist), that means you too!!”

Darice C., -

“I would highly recommend Centrum Dental Centre and Dr. Ghamian as the best dental practice my family has ever used. Dr. Ghamian is always very friendly, polite and empathetic. He takes great care to ensure the patient is relaxed and comfortable. I recently had a root canal which was painless and I actually enjoyed watching a movie while Dr. Ghamian worked. Dr. Ghamian is an accomplished professional with a well-earned reputation for quality patient care.”

Nancy M., -

“Moving to Kanata and being introduced to the Centrum Dental Centre by our daughter and son-in-law was a good move. Going to the dentist was never something to look forward to, now we don't mind taking the time to go to the dentist. I have my teeth cleaned every 3 months, I have had 2 implants, a root canal, extractions and many fillings. I have yet to experience any pain. We have recommended the Centrum Dental Centre to others when we heard of the terrible painful experiences they had after a root canal and after implants, how they went 2 weeks eating only very soft foods. Dr. Ghamian warned me that I would experience pain for the first few days after my root canal and to take Advil. I had no pain and took no Advil. I was given a prescription for extra strength Advil for the implants, I never had to take them. We have received the best of care from all the staff at Centrum Dental Centre.”

Tak & Yvonne T., -