Tooth Extraction

A woman at the dentist before a tooth extraction

At Centrum Dental Centre, we prioritize your dental health first. We always remind our patients when they are due for their cleaning, when there is a cavity and decay in their mouths, and if they need any cosmetic needs. Our top-rated dentists only revert to tooth extractions when it is absolutely necessary, which is often done when a tooth is damaged beyond repair and the risks are greatly affecting areas in your mouth.

Tooth extractions are not fun, and at times, it may be a laborious task. However, these cases may depend on the difficulty and severity of the tooth extraction. On occasions, infection may not be the only reason as to why a tooth extraction is needed. As such, tooth extractions may also be done if a patient needs their impacted wisdom teeth taken out; if there’s teeth crowding; or if there are still baby teeth in our patients mouths. However, most of the time, extractions are done when it is absolutely too late to restore the natural tooth and the patient has made an appointment with an emergency dentist.

During a tooth extraction procedure, our dentists will inject local anesthetic to the surrounding area. If it’s an impacted tooth, our dentist will cut away gums and tooth tissue if it's covering the tooth, and then, they will grasp the tooth using forceps and wiggling the tooth until it becomes loose. Sometimes, a hard and big tooth may be extracted in pieces. After this, our dentist will put gauze in the tooth socket to stop the bleeding. And at times, the dentist may also place a few stitches if the opening is too big in order to prevent any food debris and bacteria from entering the hole.

Your oral health is our main concern and we will help you choose the best dental treatment option. If you're suffering from any dental problems, Book An Appointment With us today.