Teeth Whitening

A women with white teeth laughing.

Most of us feel confident with straight, pearly white teeth. It can make us smile wider and bigger, and even confidently socialize with other people. However, many things can contribute to having stained, yellow-ish teeth like coffee, tobacco, and certain foods like beets. At our Kanata-based dental office, Centrum Dental Centre, we offer a number of ways to brighten your smile, such as in-office bleaching and at-home custom whitening kits.

Teeth whitening has become increasingly popular over the past decade. Whitening treatments help to improve your smile by eliminating the surface stains on your teeth. However, it's important to remember that the natural colour of your teeth will vary from person to person, and it’ll naturally darken with age. There are two types of stains that cause teeth to discolour: external and internal stains. External stains are a result of the accumulation of surface stains caused by certain foods or drinks such as soy sauce, coffee, tea, as well as tobacco products. Whereas, internal stains can result from certain antibiotics, excessive fluoride in the water and dental trauma.

There are a few ways to combat teeth stains. For one, you can continuously use gums, toothpastes, and mouthwashes which contain mild abrasives to remove surface teeth stains. They produce a mild effect on the appearance of the tooth. These mild teeth whiteners are often known as surface whiteners. Meanwhile, whitenings done in dental offices are often considered to be in the bleaching agents class. Bleaching agents employ peroxide products to bleach the tooth. They work well on natural teeth, and results depend on the concentration and type of bleaching agent used. Certain discolourations, however, will not respond to bleaching agents. Our top-rated dentists will help determine if this treatment approach is appropriate for your teeth.

Our Kanata dentists will likely use 2 types of bleaching methods in order to combat the external and internal staining on your teeth: The first involves fabrication of custom made trays for each of your dental arch. These trays are filled with bleaching agents and worn for a certain period everyday for 2-4 weeks. The second type of bleaching product gives immediate results; it involves a single visit to your dentist during which your teeth are isolated, and a highly concentrated bleaching agent is applied to your teeth using light and heat.

Common temporary side effects may include enhanced tooth sensitivity and tissue irritation. However, our dental team will tirelessly work with you to ensure you get the right whitening treatment for your teeth. click here to book an appointment !