Sports Mouthguards

Sports Mouthguards in green and yellow.

In any sporting activity, there is a greater need to protect your smile: balls are always flying everywhere, and people are either getting punched, kicked or elbowed. Anyone who participates in a sport carries a significant risk of injuring their teeth, lips, cheeks and tongue. This is why any athlete, beginner or professional, should always wear a mouthguard while they play their respective sport. This includes a wide range of sports like football, hockey, basketball, baseball, gymnastics, volleyball and so forth; basically, any physical activity.

A sports mouthguard typically covers your upper teeth and it’s designed to prevent your teeth from falling off or breaking, cutting your tongue or cheeks, and any more damage that may occur in your mouth. If you wear braces or a bridge or any removable appliance in your lower teeth, one of our top-rated dentists can also prescribe you a mouth protector for your lower arch.

You can always buy a mouthguard in your local drugstore, however, these mouthguards are not designed for your mouth. It’s a generic mold that you may sink your teeth into, but most of the time, these mouthguards can be uncomfortable because it’s not fitted properly. In contrast, a dental mouthguard is a lot more proficient for you because they are custom-fitted mouth protectors made by your dentist.

Our Dentists will make sure your teeth are clean before doing an impression of your upper or lower arch. Next, they will take an impression of the respective arch using a thick material called alginate or polyvinyl siloxane which is a rubber-like silicone material. Then, they will send it to the lab. We make sure that your athletic mouthwear is fitted properly, resilient, tear-resistant and comfortable for you. A properly fitted mouth protector will stay in place while you are wearing it, making it easy for you to talk and breathe. Also, they are designed to suit the needs of the athlete by creating various thicknesses required for different sports.

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