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At Centrum Dental Centre, we want your appointment to go as smoothly as possible. We use a variety of sedation dentistry to ensure you're fully comfortable:

Nitrous Gas - also known as laughing gas, is highly effective for its calming effects. It’s given to patients via facemask, which they breathe in. The amount of gas is controlled to ensure maximum comfort and safety. Once the facemask is removed, the effects begin to wear off, so you'll likely be able to resume your normal activities following your appointment.

Oral Sedation - This requires the patient to take an oral sedative prior to their appointment. It helps patients stay relaxed and reduces fear during dental procedures. Oral sedation is ideal for patients who suffer from dental fear or phobia. The patient is closely monitored to ensure they are stable and comfy.

At Centrum Dental, our priority is your safety and comfort. We aim for a gentle and personalized approach for treating our patients. Contact our dentist in Kanata to schedule an appointment.

Last Updated On 2020-12-03