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Aligning Teeth With Orthodontics & Orthopedics in Kanata, Ontario

Malocclusion is a problem encountered by 75% of children. Malocclusion is when your teeth fail to align correctly.

By having your child's teeth regularly examined, you can help to ensure that their teeth are erupting properly. If we discover any potential concerns like malocclusion, orthodontics or orthopedics may be recommended.

Orthopedic appliances are used earlier on and include the use of temporary dental devices, such as retainers to correct misalignments. Orthopedics improve irregularities, such as small lower jaws, protruding upper teeth and more, to help deter complications such as TMJ disorder, and even sleep apnea.

Orthodontics involves the wearing of braces and is a more long-term form of treatment. Braces are highly effective and allow us to straighten your teeth and create a uniform smile.

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Last Updated On 2020-12-03