Migraine Pain Prevention

A woman with a migraine holding her head in pain.

Headaches and migraines are painful and infuriating. The pain can travel to your sinuses and down to your jaws. They can be so bad that sometimes it makes you unable to perform mundane tasks. It may even make you search up “emergency dentists in Kanata” on Google because the pain on your jaws are so severe that it makes you think it may be a dental emergency.

Studies have shown that the correlation between a migraine and toothache can sometimes be a result of a cavity, a cracked tooth or an impacted wisdom tooth, or even temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD). If these conditions are left untreated, it may cause throbbing migraines, which is often a one-sided headache that can be associated with nausea, vomiting, and/or sensitivity to light or sound.

Scientists believe that the way toothaches cause migraines is linked to the trigeminal nerve, which is the fifth of 12 cranial nerves. The trigeminal nerve provides sensation to most of your face, including your upper and lower lip, teeth, and gums. It is the motor nerve for the muscles used for chewing, otherwise known as mastication, and contains proprioceptive fibers. These fibers rely on their relationship with the body’s central nervous system and certain soft tissues, meaning it’s the one responsible for any sensations we may feel in our face. Since the trigeminal nerve is connected to the brain and our teeth, it makes sense that an underlying dental condition may be triggering a migraine.

Our dentists will properly assess your symptoms and help you ease the pain. We offer many ways to solve your dental pains and headaches:

  • Night guards: if we’ve assessed that you have TMD, we will prescribe you with a custom-made night guard to help with your clenching and grinding at night.

  • Fillings: if you have a cavity that is causing your headaches, we will provide you with the proper restorative treatment.

  • Teeth extraction: if you have an impacted wisdom tooth that is growing into your jaw or hitting the surrounding teeth, an extraction is the suited treatment for you. If you have a headache or a migraine that travels down to your jaws, you may need to see one a dentist. If so, Contact Us today.