The End of New Year's Resolutions

woman holding a happy new years sign

As we move in to 2018 ready or not, most of us start thinking about what this year will bring, and what we will do from our long ‘to-do’ list, finally. We are going to suggest that you don’t do that. Certainly, this is a great time to stop and reflect on what went well last year, what we are grateful for, and where we want to go in our lives this New Year. Too often, however, we get stuck thinking about the unfinished business and goals not yet reached from last year that derails a positive start. With that, here are our…

3 Tips For Your Best Year

1 - Mind the Gap. Really, we spend more time looking in the rear view mirror than we do looking forward. We often find ourselves measuring progress against some goal or ambition that is like chasing the horizon – the goal evolves as time passes, but we rarely focus on the progress we have made. Instead we instinctively focus on the gap between where we are now and where we want to be. This is a trap for ambitious people. Being conscious of this and considering all the progress we have made so far can really change your feelings about your progress toward any goal. Humans are wired to problem-solve and achieve goals. By changing the focus to progress, not the gap, you can have a very powerful impact on your motivation to keep moving in the direction you want to go, knowing you are making progress despite not having ‘arrived’ yet – especially if the destination keeps changing.

2 – No More Goal-Setting. We should all have an end game in mind – but achieving what you want in 2018 – whether it is to lose weight, get improved physical fitness, or get a promotion – it all really comes down to momentum, not fixation on the goal. Having a rigid goal in your mind every day can often lead to the gap in point number 1. Instead, just do one thing every day that moves you closer to your desired outcome for this year. That will ensure that by the end of 2018, you will have done 365 things that move you closer to your dream – that’s powerful.

3 – Habits = Success. Motivation and passion will definitely put you on the road toward success, but it’s your habits that will keep you on that road. If your goal is to be healthier, make a habit out of eating better and going to the gym. Want to have stronger family relationships? Make a habit of having dinner together every night. Or maybe you want to be a more positive, happy person. Make a habit of writing down 3 things you are grateful for every day. There’s no way you can’t succeed if you change your daily habits.
“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore is not an act but a habit.” - Aristotle.

You may be thinking one or more of these points is not possible for you. I would suggest that at least some aspect of each of them is. It may take some tweaking but again - it’s about momentum - just do something to improve every day, and in 365 days you will have had your best year ever.