Little Smiles Day Enchanted Forest

enchanted forest

Join us on Saturday, November 9th 9am-1pm for a free community event at Centrum Dental at 9-300 Earl Gray Drive, Kanata!

We will have:

Photo Booth
Face Painting
Games & Crafts
...and much more!

This event is specifically designed to give your child a fun and positive first experience at the dentist!

Children are introduced to the dentist and team at their own pace in a warm and welcoming environment. During your child’s visit with us, we will show them all the “tools” and “gadgets” of the dental world, count their teeth with them, and inform them and you about oral health!

By introducing kids to the importance of oral health as early as possible it will help in eliminating or reducing anxiety that would be carried into adulthood.

Due to the high demand for the Little Smiles program, Centrum Dental is now hosting several events throughout the year, each with a unique theme!