teeth showing discoloured on one side and white on the other.

What Does It Mean to Have Translucent Teeth?

Let’s talk about why you shouldn’t ignore having translucent edges around your teeth.

A dental mirror held up to teeth.

How do I know if I have good oral health? 7 Signs to check

Here are signs that you’re taking good care of your mouth. Don’t forget your routine oral examinations with the dentist.

A model of a tooth sitting next to a jar of coins.

How can I reduce my dental expenses?

Instead of postponing getting dental care, here we leave you with some tips on how to reduce your dental expenses. Read on.

Cousins smiling together at a family camping trip

How Is Genetics Related To Dentistry?

Find out how genes can affect your oral health and why your dental team asks you about your family’s medical history.

man brushing his tongue

Why Is My Tongue Black?

See if a black tongue is serious, what you can do about it, and how your dentist can help.

senior woman smiling with her daughter

Aging and Oral Health

The 65+ age category is among the fastest-growing segments of the population in Canada. We all want to

senior man suffering from a toothache

How do I know if I have gum disease?

A look in the mirror may not be enough to tell if you have gum disease. Here are potential signs to check.

woman suffering from dry mouth

Oral Health and Diabetes

Is my diabetes causing my teeth to be loose?Are my bleeding gums the cause of my...

people holding up letters to spell diabetes

Saliva and Dry Mouth

We all get a dry mouth once in a while, but if this is happening to you on a regular basis, it could be...

woman looking at her newly cleaned smile

Straight Teeth, Health or Beauty?

Bleeding gums. Worn-down teeth.Mouth breathing. Pain to chewing. All of these can be caused by...

patient with teeth pain

Teeth Grinding and the Pandemic

The typical symptoms of teeth grinding are...

healthy snacks

Our Team’s Favorite Smile-Friendly Snacks

Our Team’s Favorite Smile-Friendly Snacks

sports drink on a soccer field

Sports and Energy Drinks

The consumption of sports and energy drink is increasing sharply especially among...

new years celebration

New Year's Goals

Many of us set goals for the new years, but as someone once said...

patient getting their teeth cleaned

Seven out of every 10 Canadians have this disease!

Seven out of 10 Canadians will develop...

applying tooth paste to tooth brush

Facts about Flouride

Both the Canadian Dental Association (CDA) and...

a woman eating a salad

Healthy Snacks for your Teeth!

If you want to maintain strong teeth for your lifetime, you need to...

women covering her mouth with hand

Canker Sore or Cold Sore?

People sometimes confuse canker sores and cold sores, but they are completely...


Straight Teeth with Invisalign

Both Drs. Ghamian and Khoury are certified in Invisalign treatment.

a pile of gummybears

Have a Sweet Tooth?

Most of us have a sweet tooth. We all need our sweets once in a while, but...

a woman smoking

Are you one of the 65% with Bad Breath?

An estimated sixty-five percent of Canadians have bad breath.

a skeleton decoration surrounded by candy

Halloween Candy October 31st

Halloween is a great day for little kids. Who can resist...

Choosing the right Toothbrush

So you're in the dental health aisle and and trying to figure out...

A baby smiling with two bottom teeth.

10 Tips for Parents for how to brush the teeth of their Kids!

A great article with tips for parents of kids just like mine!

centrum team

Drs Ghamian and Khoury attend lecture by Top Dental Guru

Drs Ghamian and Khoury attend lecture by Top Dental Guru On...

Dr. Yamen Ghamian

Dr Ghamian receives Fellowship Award

Dr Ghamian receives 2012 Fellowship Award from the Academy of General Dentistry!

older women with hand over her mouth

An estimated sixty-five percent of Americans have bad breath.

Bad Breath An estimated sixty-five percent of Americans have bad breath.

a dental xray

Recent Study Questions Safety of Dental X-rays

A study came out this week discussing the safety of dental xrays and...

women smiling with nice teeth

Does smiling make you happy?

This article will make you smile:) Evidence That Smiling Causes...

women in white tank top and blank background smiling while brushing her teeth

Brush Brush Brush

Brushing is the most effective method for removing harmful plaque from your...

a buffet of sweets


Sweets! Everyone knows that sweets are bad for your teeth however...

Check ups for infants

The Canadian Dental association recommends the assessment of infants at about...

woman holding a happy new years sign

The End of New Year's Resolutions

The End of New Year's Resolutions As we move in to 2018 ready or not, most of us start...

Skin Cancer And What You Should Look Out For

According to Statistics Canada, cancer is the number one cause of...


Giving Thanks With Thanksgiving just passing

With Thanksgiving just passing, we want to share something with you that you might...

checking for cardiovascular disease

Dental Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease

Dental Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease By Dr. Habib Khoury and Dr. Yamen Ghamian

woman brushing her teeth

At Home Care

In these unprecedented times of staying at home and self-isolating, good at-home oral healthcare is...

child sucking thumb

Cavities on Baby Teeth

It is well known when an infant comes into the world, the oral cavity is sterile but...

enchanted forest

Little Smiles Day - Enchanted Forest

Join us on Saturday, November 9th 9am-1pm for a free community event at Centrum Dental

family brushing teeth

8 Tips to Keep Your Mouth Healthy

Follow these 8 tips to keep your mouth healthy!

model of teeth displayed

Dentures as wedding gifts!

Did you know? - Within the last 100 years, in some parts of Britain and rural areas of Canada...

older couple doing hula-hoop contently

4 Tips for Healthy Aging,

We all want to lead long, healthy lives. Healthy aging looks different for...

woman suffering from jaw pain

Pain in Your Jaw Joints?

People who grind their teeth can sometimes develop a serious problem with...

toothpaste on a tooth brush

Questions about Fluoride

Questions about Fluoride We get asked daily, the way it works, and...

dentist using tool to look into women's mouth

What To Expect At Your Next Dental Checkup

What To Expect At Your Next Dental Checkup

Flouride Use for Children

The below is the latest recommendations regarding Fluoride from...

baby teeth and when they erupt diagram

Eruption of Children's Teeth

Ever Wonder which order your baby's teeth are...

staff photo

Learning as a Team

We are a team that never rests. We went for a two day course in...

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Second Appreciation Event Sold Out!

Second Appreciation Event Sold Out! It was a full house for our second appreciation event for our patients.

orange juice with a lemon garnish

Acid Wear Acid is known to damage your teeth.

Acid Wear Acid is known to damage your teeth. In fact, acid starts to...

give food holiday charity drive

Food Drive 2016 This holiday season,

Food Drive 2016 This holiday season, help us help those in need! Between December 1st and December 22nd

candy laying on a table

Halloween, Nutrition and Your Teeth

As today is Halloween, this is a good time to talk about...

women smiling with nice teeth

Thinking About Whitening Your Smile?

Thinking About Whitening Your Smile?

a baby sitting near a sunflower in a field

Your Child’s Baby Teeth Are Important

“DO I NEED TO FIX my child’s baby tooth since it’s going to fall out anyway?

Free Dentistry Day Banner

Free Dentistry Day 2017

Free Dentistry Day 2017 Our third annual free dentistry day was a great success!

Teeth and modern day fashion

An interesting episode on the ups and downs of fashion and...

women patient being fitted for aligners

Think your Mouthguard is expensive?

Think your Mouthguard is expensive?


Patient Satisfaction with Mandibular Overdentures

Here is a research paper on a comparative study between...

woman endurance training

Endurance Training and Teeth

Below is a good article about endurance training and its impact on oral health.

elderly couple holding each other while smiling with nice teeth

Oral Health and Seniors

Seniors Aging and oral health North Americans are generally leading longer and healthier lives.

How much does the tooth fairy pay in Canada?

An interesting article from the Globe and Mail.

patient getting gingivitis removed

So what is Gingivitis anyways?

Gingivitis is the medical term for...

design of a dentist product

Replacing Missing Teeth

Replacing Missing Teeth Fixed bridges and implants are often used to...

Man holding side of face near teeth in discomfort

Do You Suffer From Chronic Jaw pain?

Often times we have patients complaining of...

man drinking water

Dry Mouth Syndrome (Xerostomia)

Dryness of the oral cavity can result from...

dental tools laying on a table

Protection from Infection

Infection control refers to the recommended safety precautions that dentists follow to...

a glass of soda

Soda drinks Can Cause as Much Damage to Your Teeth As Drugs

Soda drinks can cause as much damage to your teeth as drugs!

plate of various cheeses

New Research Shows Cheese May Prevent Cavities

New Research Shows Cheese May Prevent Cavities by...

mouth guards of all different colors

Why You Need a Mouthguard For Sporting Activities

There is a great need to protect your smile.

sleep apnea

8 Factors That Increase the Risk of Sleep Apnea

Every day we gain new information indicating the after effects of...

upset women pinching a mans nose in bed

Do You Know The Difference Between Snoring And Sleep Apnea?

Snoring can be a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea but...

happy women in hat and mittens looking at the snow with snow in her hands

Taking care of your Pearly Whites!

Good oral health is essential to total health and the key to...

Nutrition and Your Teeth

It has long been known that good nutrition and a well-balanced diet is...

woman with a tongue peircing

The Scary Side of Oral Piercings

While many people embrace this trend, oral piercings have...

young child brushing their teeth

Prevention Tips for Children

The first dental appointment for children should be after the child turns...

patient getting plaque removed

So what is dental Plaque anyways??

Plaque is a film of bacteria that forms on your teeth and gums after...

an electric toothbrush on a shelf with manual brushes

Electric toothbrushes outperform manual brushes

power toothbrushes are more effective than manual toothbrushes at reducing...

centrum team

Free Dentistry Day - Kanata's Centrum Dental Centre

Free Dentistry Day - Kanata's Centrum Dental Centre Saturday September 19th - Annual Free Dentistry Day